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How to Use the Caption Tool

Here is how to use the caption tool
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Updated 4 months ago

The Caption tool allows you to save captions that you plan to use in repetitively in your social media posts. Hashtags that you regularly use are particularly good to be saved as captions.

  1. Click on the Caption tab in the left-hand side menu.
  2. Click on Add new.
  3. Type in the caption that you'd like to save.
  4. Click on Submit. The Success message will confirm that you have successfully saved the caption. You can now see the caption that you have just saved.

Alternatively, you can also save a caption when scheduling a social media post:

  1. Type in the caption for this post in the relevant field.
  2. Click on Save caption. The Success message will confirm that your caption has been successfully saved. You can now see it on the Caption page and use it in future posts.

To use a saved caption when scheduling a post:

  1. Click on the Get caption button under the caption field.
  2. Select the caption that you want to use, and it will be automatically added to your post.

You can always edit or remove a saved caption by going to the Caption page.

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