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How To Use The File Manager

Here is how to use the file manager
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Updated 4 months ago
  1. Click on the File Manager tab in the left-hand side menu.
  2. The File Manager is where all photos and videos that you have uploaded on EasyClout get stored.
  3. In the File Manager you can upload photos and videos from: 
    * Your device (Mobile or Desktop)
    * Cloud (Google Drive, Dropbox etc.)
    * Media Links
  4. You can filter your files by keywords in the title with which you uploaded them to the File Manager.
  5. You can view:
    * All files
    * All images
    * All videos
  6. You can access media info including:
    * Number of uploaded images and total size
    * Number of uploaded videos and total size
    * Total storage size on your File Manager
  7. When scheduling a post, click on File Manager to access all your already uploaded files and use them in your social media posts.
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