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How To Use The Watermark Tool

Here is how to use the watermark tool
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Updated 4 months ago
  1. Click on the Watermark tab in the left-hand side menu.
  2. You can choose whether to add a Default Watermark which will appear on all your photo social media posts scheduled on EasyClout or to add a Watermark for a specific account connected to your dashboard.
  3. Click on Upload.
  4. Choose and add the logo that you want to set as a watermark.
  5. Set up the Position of the watermark as desired.
  6. Set up the Size of the watermark based on your preferences.
  7. Set up the Transparency of the watermark.
  8. Click on Save when you are happy with the way the watermark will look on your photo social media posts.

To delete or change the logo in the watermark, click on Delete and repeat the steps above to add a new logo or other  image.

You can set up customized watermarks for each of your social media accounts available on EasyClout by repeating the steps above.

Now when you schedule posts on the social media account(s) for which you have set up a watermark through EasyClout, the logo will be automatically added to your images.

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