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Setting Up Proxy

Setting up proxy for Instagram activity
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Before you begin you must have a proxy available to use.

We recommend using BrightData.com (Formerly known as Luminati).

The reason why we recommend them is because you can easily select the country and city for your proxy IP. 

The pricing model that we use is the 'Pay as you go'. We pay $5-$10 max for our proxy use each month. So disregard the subscriptions that they offer.

Lastly, make sure to either choose residential or mobile proxy for the best results.

The format you must insert your proxy is the following:
username:[email protected]:port
3496131ce7:[email protected]:4444

Here is the video tutorial:


Instagram & Twitter will only suspend accounts if they notice highly irregular suspicious activity. Therefore we recommend setting your rates in a really low setting for your first week then you can gradually double your rate as each week progresses.

Important: use one proxy for each instagram username and ONLY USE LIKES! No comments, direct messages or watching stories.

Change all of the config auto activity:

Set default speed: Slow
Slow 2/hour
Normal 4/hour
Fast 8/hour

Following and unfollowing
Following and unfollowing is count as the same actions. The daily limit is 180 a day. 10 follows and unfollows per hour would keep your account safe and saves your account from being suspended. Also, there is no limit on how many people can follow you.
Remember to start slow and then gradually increase the number of following and unfollowing week by week.

For example:
Week 1: 50 follow/unfollow per day
Week 2: 100 follow/unfollow per day
Week 3: 150 follow/unfollow per day

Make sure that you are not spamming Instagram.

The maximum number is 500 a day. But it is not the same for all Instagram users. In order to keep your account safe and not locked out, you should be satisfied with less than 100 likes per day.

It is about 50 to 100 per day. Don’t post the same comment over and over. Instagram recognizes duplicate comments, and it would punish your account for what you did. And don’t leave emojis without text as a comment, they look like spam.

Direct messages
About 10 to 20 new conversations per day are the safe zone.

Note: If you are a new Instagram user, your total action limit is 500 a day. This includes Like, Comment, Follow, unfollow. Also, you can send 10 to 20 direct messages a day.

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