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What Is Spintax?

What exactly is Spintax?
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Spintax (Spin Syntax), is a list of text phrases, sentences and synonyms separated by the pipe character (|). Each group of keywords is enclosed inside curly brackets ({}). The Spintax parser picks a random keyword or sentence from the available choices and generates unique sentences for each iteration.

By using Spintax, we can spin the content in the message and comments. With the aid of Spintax Syntax, we use different styles and formats of writing.

Perform the below steps for using Spintax Syntax in Auto Comment and Auto DM:

1. Spintax Input



– Hi
– Hello
– Hey

2. Spintax Input

{Nice|Cool|Beautiful} dog


– Nice dog
– Cool dog
– Beautiful dog

There are no limits on the number of Spintax parts that you can use in the comment.

Set-up your comments and use the special characters {|} inside it to spin the content. Each of the words or phrases contained with {|} are randomly substituted in the spun article.

{Nice|Great} to connect with you!

The above message will now appear as below every time it is automatically posted in your social network accounts.

- Nice to connect with you!
- Great to connect with you!

So at the end of the day Spintax is used to construct your messages so that they do not look repetitive.

Spintax works with Auto Comment and Auto DM functions.

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