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How to Schedule a Post on Instagram

Here is how to schedule a post on Instagram
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Updated 4 months ago
  1. Click on the Instagram tab in the left-hand side menu.
  2. Click on the Post tab.
  3. Select the Instagram account(s) on which you want to schedule a post. With EasyClout, you can schedule a post on multiple Instagram or other social media accounts simultaneously.
  4. Add the media you want to post.
  5. Type in a caption for your Instagram post in the relevant field. You can include hashtags.
  6. Click on the Advanced Option tab for more options.
  7. Optional: Start typing in your location and select from the drop-down menu to add your location to your Instagram post.
  8. Optional: Type in the first comment to your post.
  9. Review your Instagram post in the right-hand side of the dashboard to make sure everything looks good.
  10. Select the Schedule option to schedule your Instagram post to be published at a later time.
  11. Enter the time when you want your post to be published on Instagram in the Publish date and time field.
  12. If you are scheduling the same post to be published on multiple accounts, select the interval between the posting on different accounts in the Time gap between posting (in minutes). The number you enter will be in minutes.
  13. If you want your post to be reposted multiple times, set the frequency with which you want to report it in the Repost every (days) field. To have your post published just once, set this field to 0. Set up the final date for reposting in the Repost Until field.
  14. Click on Schedule.
  15. You can go to Schedules in the left-hand side menu and choose Queue to confirm that your post has been scheduled for publication.
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