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How To Check If I Am An Admin Of A Facebook Page

Here is how to check if I am an Admin of a Facebook Page
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In order to be able to link a Facebook Page, you must be an Admin of that page. This article will walk you through checking whether you are an Admin of a Facebook Page or not.

Step 1: Go to the Facebook Page that you intent to add

  • While logged into Facebook, head over to the Facebook Page you would like to connect with us.

Step 2: Click on 'Settings' button located within the Manage Page navigation menu on the left

  1. You may want to scroll within the "Manage Page" navigation menu on the left side of the screen until you find the "Settings" option and then click it.
  2. If, while you are on this page, you do not see the ability to Manage the page, you may want to talk with the admin of the page to ask them to provide you with admin access.

Step 3: Within the 'Settings' navigation menu, click on 'Page Roles' button

  1. Once you click on Settings in Step 2 above, the 'Manage Page' navigation menu on the left will be replaced by a 'Page Settings' menu and that menu's option will be populated. One of the options somewhere near the middle should be 'Page Roles'.
  2. Click on 'Page Roles' and wait for the screen to load the user roles assigned to the page.

Step 4: Check for your name within the 'Existing Page Roles' section of 'Page Roles'

  1. Within the body of the page, you should be able to view the Page Roles associated with this Facebook Page.
  2. Check for your name under the 'Admin' section under the 'Existing Page Roles'.
  3. If your name is under the Admin section and has "Admin" shown right under your name, you are an admin and you should be able to add the page to our product and start posting content to it. If so, you can skip Step 5 and 6 below.

Step 5: Contact the admin of the page if you do not see your name under the 'Admin' section of the 'Existing Page Roles'

  1. If your name is not on the Admin list, you will not be able to link or post content to this Facebook Page.
  2. Contact the admin of the page and ask them to upgrade your access to Admin so you can link the page and start posting.

Step 6: Once you are granted Admin role for the page, go back and attempt to add your Page to our product

  1. Head back to our Account Manager section of the app and click "Add Facebook page" and let us walk you through the process of adding a Facebook Page.
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