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Can't Connect Instagram Account

How to connect your Instagram Account to EasyClout
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Updated 7 months ago

Note: You are unable to connect your personal IG accounts via Facebook login. You can only connect using the manual method.

If you are having problems connecting your Instagram account to the EasyClout dashboard. We have steps below that you can follow to fix the issue.

Login Activity - Select 'This Was Me'

  1. Go to Instagram App > Settings > Security > Login Activity
  2. There should be a recent login from an android device
  3. Click 'This was me'
  4. Attempt to login again

Please make sure to delete all login activities except our Android-based device that we're working from. This would be the most recent logged in device. At this point, you should only have two logins, the EasyClout Platform and your own device.

Two-Factor Authentication

If you are using Two-factor authentication please disable the authenticator app option and just leave Text Message as the only option.

Verification Code

The verification code will be sent to your Instagram registered email or phone number by Instagram.

  1. Ensure that your registered email and phone number on Instagram are correct.
  2. Check your SPAM and SOCIAL tabs. Sometimes the verification code goes to the SPAM box or the SOCIAL Tab (for Gmail users).
  3. Clear your browser cache and cookies and try again after 30 minutes. If you confirmed the above two steps and do not get the code. Kindly clear your browser cache and cookies then try again

Check Facebook Business Integration

If you are still unable to see your Instagram account on EasyClout. Please make sure you have all permissions for all pages enabled for us to read and write.

You can check via this link:

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