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Why can't I connect my Telegram account?

How to connect your Telegram account
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Updated 7 months ago

Please make sure that you follow closely as possible from steps one to five at it is very important before you go to step six.

If you can't connect your group/channel it's because you are not logged in to telegram at https://web.telegram.org.

After you get the API and add your bot as admin to group/channel, you must type a new message to that group/channel, then immediately add the Telegram API on the EasyClout platform. If you delay to add it, EasyClout will not be able to detect the group/channel.

If you are not able to send the message via Browser then you must send the message using the Telegram app on your phone.

Keep in mind that EasyClout will not detect all groups/channels that are joined by your bot, it will only detect the groups/channels you've sent the new message because sometimes the old bot cannot detect the API, so you must create a new bot to get the API.

Turn your Group Privacy off (To add groups)

You have to use the @BotFather bot to set the Group Privacy off. This let the bot to access all the group messages.

By default, Group Privacy is enabled for bots. This setting has to be changed used the @BotFather bot >> Bot Settings >> Group Privacy >> Turn off

Please note that this change is not propagated automatically, so in case the bot is already in a group before turning off privacy mode, it will remain as it was before. To apply the changes, the bot should be removed and added again to the group(s).

If you are still having issues you can view the video below and/or read this article.

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